Attempted laundry


driving a red dodge neon rental car in Sarasota, Florida.

Oops, wrong neon, more like

I park in the marina parking
lot as I have a boat I moored in the harbor that I was fixing up and
living on.

A little better than this, but
you get the idea.

A cop pulls up, walks over to
my car, pulls his gun out and points it point blank at my head, as I
am sitting there at the steering wheel with the window down in the
parking lot.


He wants my $20 flare launcher.

I dig into a pocket and give it
to him.

I am handcuffed, taken to the
police station.

Gunz rule! How foolish of me to
think any differently.

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One Response to Attempted laundry

  1. agilelamb says:

    The %100 lawful and constitutional ‘search warrant’ I was served with whilst sitting at the wheel of my automobile should be of some interest. This previously unheard of form of warrant was in the shape of a gun pointed point blank at my head. Now, Mr. Public Defender, explain to me how that was ok because I was sitting in a CAR, that magical device that makes all things possible…’!

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